You are what you measure, accepting Design, the UX of subtitles

You are what you measure, accepting Design, the UX of subtitles

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What do we really appreciate about design? Why are we here? Why now?

It was easier to ignore these questions when designers were growing in their careers and unlocking opportunities everywhere. For many with the privilege of working in Big Tech for the past decade, it was a matter of taking a deep breath while they fantasized about a different career without the stress, politics, and Kafkaesque ambiguity of big corporations.

When all that Big Tech energy starts to dissipate, we find ourselves standing before the mirror, heart pounding, confronted with the only question left for us:

Are we willing to accept Design?

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Mobile phone museum: safeguarding mobile tech heritage

Make me think

  • Good design requires persuasion
    “Even the most persuasive objects came into being by successful persuasion. In our time, after all, very few things of consequence are made without collaboration, which itself requires constant persuasion and agreement.”
  • You are what you measure
    “Spending the time to get the right metrics affects so many things down the line. This one-and-a-half-minute clip shows why and outlines a way to align on the right metrics to track.”
  • How the push for efficiency changes us
    “A Year of Efficiency might mean you can fit in more social media posts, more podcast episodes, more emails, or even more products or services. But how do you feel at the end? How has your relationship with yourself changed? How has your relationship with others changed?”

Little gems this week

UX principles for AI products By Bree Chapin

What can product designers learn from UI artists? By Liudmyla Shevchenko

Your own private internet: how the bots will shape-shift the web
By Kirk Clyne

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