Women in UX, inclusive tech, jobs replaced by AI, ProtoPie components

Women in UX, inclusive tech, jobs replaced by AI, ProtoPie components

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It is estimated that 60% of the psychology and social studies are conducted on University Campuses, and their participants are Western, Educated, and from Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic Countries (W.E.I.R.D.).

Before jumping to conclusions, we must understand that a W.E.I.R.D. population is easy to target in Universities and Research facilities. Their time is abundant, compensation is cheap (if any), and most of the time, the test is conducted by facilitators with similar backgrounds only a few buildings away.

Sparkling long-lasting inclusive technology By Luis Berumen Castro

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Notes.art: explorations in iPhone notes

Make me think

  • The Figma to browser chasm
    “Sometimes a Figma mock is too easily conflated with the end product. If you can’t translate all the hours and talent being sunk into a Figma file to working code in the browser, you’re throwing away time and money.”
  • Critical thinking is great, but we need ‘critical ignoring’
    “A boundless wealth of high-quality information is available at our fingertips right next to a ceaseless torrent of low-quality, distracting, false and manipulative information.”
  • Why you should stop reading news
    “Rarely do we stop to ask ourselves questions about the media we consume: Is this good for me? Is this dense with detailed information? Is this important? Is this going to stand the test of time?”

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UX lessons from a pottery professor about lean product design By Slava Polonski, PhD

The birth of the superhuman UX designer: how AI is changing the game By Nicole Gallardo

3 lessons from Bumble’s onboarding
By Rosie Hoggmascall

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