Wikipedia redesign, UI spacing tips, copying TikTok’s UX, WE❤️NYC

Wikipedia redesign, UI spacing tips, copying TikTok’s UX, WE❤️NYC

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In science fiction, one of the main indications that the characters are living in the high-tech future is an insanely smart, AI voice assistant. Star Trek’s Enterprise had the omnipresent Computer, and Tony Stark famously traded quips with JARVIS (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System) before the AI became the sentient Vision. Today, in the real world, we can only dream of such sarcastic systems that both understand and anticipate our needs. Alexa, Siri, and Cortana pale in comparison.

Why is JARVIS the only male AI? By Daley Wilhelm

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Why is NYC’s new tourism logo shouting at me?

Make me think

  • The cost of craft
    “A small, talented team can make it feel almost effortless to design and ship incredible software. The trap here is when you start to take this for granted and assume that craft and quality are ‘just a part of your corporate DNA’.”
  • The end of front-end development
    “Pretty much since the beginning, there’s been a concern that web developers would be made redundant by some new technology. In the 2000s, it was WordPress. In the 2010s, it was Webflow. In the early 2020s, it was no code tools.”
  • How the great recession paved the way for influencers
    “In an increasingly unpredictable economy, where landing a solid career path feels out of reach for so many, of course the industry that promises self-employment and creative freedom sounds like the best possible option.”

Little gems this week

Testing readability tests: Flesch–Kincaid, ARI, and Gunning Fog By Rita Kind-Envy

Circling back on design and everything else By Darren Yeo

Is everybody trying to copy the TikTok-like interface?
By Brendan Gilsenan

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