Vanishing designers, guide to risky projects, UI transitions, AI in UX

Vanishing designers, guide to risky projects, UI transitions, AI in UX

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“Look around us. Every business is an app and every app feels the same, because every designer has the same resume, follows the same process, graduates from the same program, uses the same tool, scrolls the same Dribbble feed, reads the same Medium articles, expects the same career outcome, lives in the same ideology bubble.

The rise of data-driven culture cultivated a generation of designers who only take risk-free and success-guaranteed steps towards the inevitable local maxima of design monotony.”

The vanishing designer

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Drawing on the past: the future of Disney

Make me think

  • You’re gonna need a bigger browser
    “Our idea of what a browser is and does for us hasn’t moved much in a long time and if we intend to work towards greater user agency it seems plausible that we should at the very least be open to considering a major overhaul of what a Web user agent looks like.”
  • The people who ruined the internet
    “As the public begins to believe Google isn’t as useful anymore, what happens to the cottage industry of search engine optimization experts who struck content oil and smeared it all over the web?”
  • The other side of money
    “It dawned on my black-and-white mind that our stability was not as stable as I thought. When I arrived on the other side of money, I could not do the thing I had planned: to just make art and be happy.”

Little gems this week

Where does the checkerboard transparency grid come from? By Ben Maclaren

Is your UX team a spaceship or a pirate ship? By Slava Polonski, PhD

Creative connection: what a drumming gorilla can teach designers
By Brett Walsh

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