UX trends, Android’s bad reputation, is flat design over?

UX trends, Android’s bad reputation, is flat design over?

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The characteristics of late-stage UX:

  1. Automation: AI automates an increasing part of our jobs and reduces demand for designers in certain markets.
  2. Saturation: Supply of designers outstrips demand. Market is still uncertain.
  3. Commoditization: Focus on scalability and standardization over differentiation and delight.
  4. Financialization: Greater influence of financial health, shareholders interests, and business metrics in design decisions.
  5. Disintegration: Lack of trust in digital products makes users either skeptical, complacent, or susceptible to exploitation.

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Google is back: welcome to the Gemini era

Make me think

  • The creative playground
    “Whenever I pass a public basketball court, I am always struck by how the people who are literally stuck inside a cage are having more fun than those outside. The reason of course is obvious: They are having fun. They are immersed in a game. What makes a good game? A goal and rules.”
  • Trends in design for 2024, as predicted by the creative industry
    “The world of graphic design is constantly evolving, with new trends emerging all the time. And the current global turmoil is only accelerating this effect. Here, we explore eight of the most hotly anticipated trends for 2024 based on the insights of industry experts.”
  • The UX of HTML
    “Somehow, my students are allergic to semantics. And they’re not alone. If you look at 99% of all websites in the wild, everybody who worked on them seems to be allergic to semantics. On most websites, heading levels are just random numbers, loosely based on font-size. Form fields have no labels. Links and buttons are divs. It’s really pretty bad. So it’s not just my students, the whole industry doesn’t understand semantics.”

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By Sarah-Sophie Thouabtia

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