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UX of the Metaverse, design token tool, Wordle UX, which UI is better

UX of the Metaverse, design token tool, Wordle UX, which UI is better

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Fabricio Teixeira
·Jan 24, 2022·

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“Every once in a generation something beautifully simple comes along and revolutionizes our lives: the paperclip, Post-its, the iPod, Wordle. Wordle? Okay, maybe that one doesn’t quite fit with the others, but by now you must be familiar with the cryptic square emojis filling your feed on every social medium.”

Wordle UX: Sometimes a game just feels good By Joe Bernstein

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These 1,100 delicate drawings of root systems reveal the hidden world of plants.

Make me think

  • The five levels of hype
    “Today‘s tech industry is obsessed with the big futures. The metaverses, the next internets — you name it. Hype is everywhere, oozing out of the headlines of news articles, growing like mold all over my LinkedIn feed, and blinking at me whenever I open my inbox.”
  • Leading with questions
    “To effectively lead a team of highly motivated and skilled employees, these employees need to know they’re operating in a realm of trust and empowerment. A very effective way to do this is to lead with questions.”
  • How Google is making digital experiences personal
    “Google’s new design system update Material Design 3 puts control in users’ hands, allowing them to design their experiences, pick colour schemes and express their own personalities through a series of features called Material You.”

Little gems this week

Sound design and the perception of time By Denis Zlobin

The click wheel: one of Apple’s most iconic designs By Chris Kernaghan

There’s no such thing as a good bidding site
By Geoffrey Bunting

Which UI is better? The importance of contextual design
By Vasudha Mamtani

Tools and resources

  • IterationX
    Collaborate and iterate directly on your live product.
  • Framer Sites
    Framer is going heavy against Figma and Webflow.
  • Token Master
    Edit your design tokens and create new color modes.

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