UX in 2024, cringe AIs, designer layoff stories, accessible security questions

UX in 2024, cringe AIs, designer layoff stories, accessible security questions

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Much like late-stage capitalism, late-stage UX is characterized by its market saturation, heavy focus on financial growth, commoditization, automation, and increased financialization. Corporations exert significant influence over the economy and society, and designers can only push so far when advocating for user needs. How can we navigate this landscape as designers in 2024?

The State of UX in 2024: enter late-stage UX By Caio Braga, Fabricio Teixeira

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How Spotify designed the identity for this year’s Wrapped

Make me think

  • Are design ethics useless?
    “Have you worked in digital design for a while? I bet you’ve been under pressure to apply deceptive design patterns and weaponize design against users. With so many companies disrespecting the needs and rights of users, a lot of it has become sort of standard practice.”
  • Learn a foreign language before it’s too late
    “To me, AI’s scariest aspect is the so-called singularity — the threat of a runaway intelligence explosion leaving humanity in the dust. But today’s state of the art in artificial intelligence is already auguring smaller but still shattering scenarios.”
  • If capitalism is a cancer, what are we?
    “If capitalism is a tumor, what does the inside of a tumor tell us about who we are as actors in this story? And what does this metaphor tell us about our pathways toward recovery?”

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Margaret Calvert’s radical road signs By Neel Dozome

Branding Bushidō: growth through the samurai ‘way of service’ By Enrique de la Camara

Think twice before you AI the day away
By Dan Nessler

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