UX in 2023, ChatGPT predictions, Victor Papanek, design systems canvas

UX in 2023, ChatGPT predictions, Victor Papanek, design systems canvas

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2022 taught us a humbling lesson on volatility and change. A year that started with the unparalleled promise of web3 (and the acronym party of NFT, DAO, DEX, DeFi), ended on a different and less energizing note. Faith in crypto is shrinking, the metaverse has now become an expensive joke, and web3 startups are trying to force unimaginable use cases down everyone’s throats.

The State of UX in 2023: A vibe shift is coming

This is the 9th edition of The State of UX report by the UX Collective: a critical look at our industry based on 1k+ articles published and shared with our 500k+ subscribers in 2022.

Foney Fonts: Do you know your Arial from your Helvetica?

Make me think

  • A year of new avenues
    “It’s plain that neither the big tech companies nor the startup financiers are going to produce the ‘ways of relating’ that will matter in the next decade. Almost by definition, any experiment that’s truly pathbreaking and provocative is too weird and tiny for them to suffer. They are trapped in their stupendous scale; lucky us.”
  • What happens to your brain when you stop believing in god
    “Only 1 percent of Americans raised with religion who no longer believe became unaffiliated through a onetime “crisis of faith.” Instead, 36 percent became disenchanted, and another 7 percent said their views evolved.”
  • Do logos still matter?
    “As design, branding, and marketing have evolved since the mid 1950s — roughly the birth of modern corporate graphic design and marketing as we know it today — so too has the role of the logo, that stalwart of visual and brand identities. It was — and is — the first thing someone sees when connecting to a brand or product. It’s the signifier that (hopefully) pulls you deeper into the world of that brand.”

How hot dogs make your ankles swell (and other advice)

Little gems this week

Space pens and a concept that changed my life By David Theil

How AI will unlock a new dimension of marketing creativity By Pete Sena

What did Victor Papanek leave for designers in “Design for the Real Word”?
By Szymon Labus

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