Usability test with ChatGPT, branding in UX, negotiating a design salary

Usability test with ChatGPT, branding in UX, negotiating a design salary

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“According to psychologists who study landscapes and environments, humans have evolved to emotionally prefer landscapes that allow them to gather knowledge from their environment that will be useful for their survival. Seeking and “eating” information is so important to us, and these characteristics have led us to prefer one environment over others.

Evolution has truly shaped our visual perception to prefer certain landscapes, and these preferences can also be applied to the new virtual 2D landscapes we encounter on screens.”

Why do users prefer certain designs? By Dejan Blagic

Note from the editor: I’m re-opening my weekly design mentorship sessions in 2023

Get design feedback from real users using AI & ChatGPT Hubble — this week’s sponsor — is a tool for UX professionals to gather continuous feedback from their product users, allowing for specific component & feature focused research. Hubble can be used flexibly across all stages, starting from a simple Figma prototype to a feature evaluation post-release. Hubble offers an integration with ChatGPT to auto-generate research questions and facilitate feedback collection. Definitely worth checking it out.


  • Senior Product Designer @ Hygraph
    Hygraph is growing sustainably even in this uncertain market. We use design as our competitive advantage. Join us if you get excited by challenging problems and like to take ownership of your work.

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A gallery with the best movie posters of 2022

Make me think

  • Extinction crisis puts 1 million species on the verge of disappearing
    “Humans are driving this extinction crisis through activities that take over animal habitats, pollute nature and fuel global warming. A new global deal to protect nature agreed on Dec. 19 has the potential to help, and scientists are urging the world’s nations to ensure the deal is a success.”
  • A portfolio approach to life
    “A few times over the last decade or so, I’ve found myself drawn towards a particular idea about how to use my time and energy. It’s an intentional variety. A collection of experiences. A portfolio approach to life.”
  • Minimalism is boring
    “Hell no. Minimalism is boring because it’s the least offensive choice when making design decisions. Your own creative taste needs to be unlocked and spilled out onto the page.”

Little gems this week

Designing for brand integrity: how to integrate branding into UX By Florencia Ezcurra

Adopting a reflective practice and documenting your learnings By Aly Blenkin

What the fnu?
By George Joseph

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