UIs of the future, proportional design systems, embracing UX research

UIs of the future, proportional design systems, embracing UX research

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“At a fundamental level, all design is governance. We encounter inconveniences every day, both offline and in the apps we use. But it’s not enough to say it’s the result of bad design. It’s also a result of governance decisions made on behalf of the customers during the design process.”

How design is governance By Amber Case

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Make me think

  • To be creative, practice
    “I didn’t consider myself creative until my mid-twenties. I played sports my entire life and failed at school. What has helped me — and continues to — is to look at creativity as a daily practice. To do something repeatedly until I change who I become.”
  • Power and patience: finding leadership balance
    “Like rowing, effective leadership also pairs power with patience. Aligning with many stakeholders on a common vision is challenging. It requires drive to create a forward-thinking roadmap, and it requires patience to measure the outcome of our choices. True leaders don’t seek immediate rewards, they row for the long haul.”
  • Where clarity is high, fidelity should be low
    “What I could never get fully behind is creating hi-fi mockups when you’re part of an in-house team working on a digital product. In my mind, these teams of designers and developers should be so tightly-knit that hi-fi mockups aren’t necessary at all.”

Little gems this week

Invisible Interfaces: the UI of the future doesn’t have a screen By Marcos Rezende

11 ways to make your company embrace UX research By Bas Wallet

Why UX Researchers should be dungeon masters
By Daley Wilhelm

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