Twitter’s dilemma, senseless feeds, terrible personas, free UX workshop

Twitter’s dilemma, senseless feeds, terrible personas, free UX workshop

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“Do you still trust Twitter? Do you feel like it is “the world’s most accurate, real-time information source and a global town square for communication?” Since October 2022, big changes have shaken up the company both internally and externally, which has led to an erosion of user trust in the platform.

But does trust really matter in user experience? If Twitter works (generally) as advertised and has become as ubiquitous as it is, why should it matter whether or not the average user “believes” in the product?”

The Twitter X dilemma: trust as a finite resource in UX By Daley Wilhelm

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Make me think

  • Just normal web things
    “If something navigates like a link, let me do link things. Let me right-click on the link without it navigating so I can open the context menu that lets me do other link things (like copying link text, copying link address, etc.) Let me use the usual link keyboard shortcuts (like ctrl + click on Windows) to open a new tab. Just normal link things.”
  • A brief history of consumer culture
    “It would be feasible to reduce hours of work and release workers for the pleasurable activities of free time with families and communities, but business did not support such a trajectory.”
  • Taste as gatekeeping
    “Watch out for people using “good taste” and “bad taste” as exclusionary terms. Historically, taste has been an elitist concept and intentionally kept blurry and subjective to prevent people from accessing certain places, groups, or opportunities.”

Little gems this week

Spatial audio and player performance By Denis Zlobin

A rant about terrible personas By Jon Crabb

Our dangerous tendency to hold on to losing bets
By Kyle Byrd

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