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“When Threads launched, growth experts loved their onboarding strategy. “Wow, a one-click sign up!” many said. With one click, your profile is created. With another one, it is launched, already pre-populated.

That’s the starting point of most growth playbooks: less friction means higher conversions. I consider myself a business-minded designer, and I’m guilty of that too.

But it comes with a cost.”

The UX of Threads’ downfall By Daniel de Mello

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A deep analysis of 140+ live performances of the US National Anthem

Make me think

  • All art is a copy of something
    “Sometimes an artist will see a beautiful landscape and try to express that beauty with paint on canvas or by taking a photograph. It’s a copy, in a way, that becomes something else because it goes through the mind, heart, and hands of the artist.”
  • You don’t need to document everything
    “People document everything now. Every mundane moment of their lives. As well as profoundly personal moments, from health scares to mental breakdowns to their first time seeing a baby after it’s born.”
  • Names are complex
    “I came across an interesting problem I had to solve at work when we were building a reusable avatar component for our design system. Avatars are in frequent use on many websites including social media, content management systems, and any software that has the concept of a user or user profile.”

Little gems this week

Design for prevention, not protection By Ida Persson

Sincerity, is it any fun? — a liminal design perspective By Johan Liedgren, Founder of The Liminal Circle.

Customer Experience 3.0 is here
By Alex Klein

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