The right way to design, generative search, UI for VR, RICE framework

The right way to design, generative search, UI for VR, RICE framework

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“It’s time we face facts: there’s really only one way to design. And to design that one way, there’s only one tool we should be using. Moreover, there’s only one process that leads to successful outcomes. And there’s only one set of artifacts worth developing.”

The one true way to design By Michael McWatters

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Make me think

  • The internet isn’t meant to be so small
    “To maintain the same username for so long, you have to adopt early, and so of course I’ve already signed up for the two new sexy apps: Lemon8 and Bluesky. I had to get my username.”
  • A belief in meritocracy is not only false: it’s bad for you
    “Although widely held, the belief that merit rather than luck determines success or failure in the world is demonstrably false. This is not least because merit itself is, in large part, the result of luck. Talent and the capacity for determined effort, sometimes called ‘grit’, depend a great deal on one’s genetic endowments and upbringing.”
  • Finding and fostering great product sense
    “Lacking sufficient product sense on your team is a devastating and pernicious problem. Without product sense, your team will act as optimizers — picture your company being driven by bus drivers instead of fighter pilots.”

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3 key UI design concepts for VR apps
By Albertmauri

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