The issue with Threads, UI-verse, Zuck vs. Musk, Figma’s REM units

The issue with Threads, UI-verse, Zuck vs. Musk, Figma’s REM units

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“However, if you do some quick math, you will see that 100M signups (defined by installing the app + click a button that says signup with your Instagram account) out of 3.8 billion monthly active Meta users is 3% of their users, i.e. 3 out of 100 Meta users did a low effort action (one-click signup) in the midst of a huge product news cycle. That’s definitely non-trivial, and if nothing, it shows how much pent-up consumer demand there is for a new Twitter-like product, but this by no means is a slam dunk.”

Threads: The problem with the “everything for everyone” approach By Viggy Balagopalakrishnan

Bad data: what designers can learn from the history of the BMI [Sponsored] Quantitative data feels good — there’s comfort in the objectivity of numbers. But a look back at the history of the Body Mass Index shows us that behind the supposed rationality of data lies historical and cultural biases that can lead us astray. Read this fascinating historical tale on Outlier by Dovetail — be sure to subscribe for more.

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Make me think

  • AI and the automation of work
    “ChatGPT and generative AI will change how we work, but how different is this to all the other waves of automation of the last 200 years? What does it mean for employment? Disruption? Coal consumption?”
  • Trophy jobs
    “We’ve all heard of the trophy wife or husband — a partner that’s valued heavily as a status symbol, for superficial qualities over substance. Similarly, I’ve started to think about the idea of the trophy job — a job that people covet for its status more than its substance.”
  • Multi-layered calendars
    “Isn’t it ironic that, of all things, it’s our time machines that are stuck in the past? The essay at hand is an exploration of what calendars could be if they weren’t stuck in time. But before we discuss their future, we first need to analyze their present status and how they fit into the rest of the productivity stack.”

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Where did the recycling symbol come from? By Elvis Hsiao

How to create non-obvious UX research insights By Soyeon Lee

Zuck vs. Musk: please, no more fighting
By Geli Skandalis

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