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The art of unlearning, ChatGPT for designers, UX personality test

The art of unlearning, ChatGPT for designers, UX personality test

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·Mar 6, 2023·
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Researchers widely debate creativity, but they often recognise originality or novelty as one of its key elements. And this originality is a product designer’s super-weapon. A weapon that’s powerful yet elusive. Research shows creativity reduces as we go through life. We fixate on finding ‘the right’ answer (a.k.a convergent thinking) and cling to it rather than exploring possibilities. While this doesn’t kill our creativity, it certainly suppresses it.

The art of unlearning By Suchithra Sathiyamurthy

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The UX Collective is celebrating its 15th anniversary as an independent design publication. Here’s a letter from our editors about what we’re not doing.

Scribble Diffusion: Turn your sketch into a refined image using AI


  • Product Designer @ Asana
    Asana is used by millions of teams across the globe, and there are a wide variety of use-cases and needs across these users. In this role, you would be joining a team called “Individual Experience,” which is focused on enabling individuals to work and collaborate effectively with their team.

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Make me think

  • The difference between iteration and prototyping
    “Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because Figma has a ‘prototyping’ mode that its your prototyping tool. You may want figure out how far you can get with the Google Sheet API before you add a database, and you can’t do that with any design tool.”
  • Let’s build a Chrome extension that steals everything
    “Manifest v3 may have taken some of the juice out of browser extensions, but I think there is still plenty left in the tank. To prove it, let’s build a Chrome extension that steals as much data as possible. I’m talking kitchen sink, whole enchilada, Grinch-plundering-Whoville levels of data theft.”
  • Understanding the cost of not being accessible
    “If your organization doesn’t already have a highly mature accessibility program, then there’s only one way to save money on accessibility: don’t do anything. But that’s a horrible strategy that might actually cost you more in the long run. As legal actions continue in their high pace, it is inevitable that large organizations will eventually address the accessibility of their ICT systems.”

Little gems this week

How nostalgic UX suddenly became a global trend By Michalina Bidzinska

How Duolingo drives subscription conversion By Rosie Hoggmascall

Why chatbots fail: the novelty of AI does not make up for a bad UX
By Skyler Schain

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