Star Trek UX, bootcamps are a scam, demystifying Figma auto layout

Star Trek UX, bootcamps are a scam, demystifying Figma auto layout

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“Science fiction has often been credited with laying the groundwork for real life technological leaps. Nebula Award-winning sci-fi writer Pamela Sargent called the genre, “the literature of ideas.” From robots, artificial intelligence, and rockets, science fiction has entertained a lot of ideas on what science might be able to create if given a few years and the dedication of some brilliant minds.”

Did Star Trek predict the future of UX? By Daley Wilhelm

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  • Good design is intentional
    “It’s time we expand what it means to create more meaningful relationships between people and technology by considering the intentionality of the products we build.”
  • Qualifying your ideas
    “So, why is it so tempting to throw ideas around recklessly? Because it’s cheap. High-level perspectives leave all the details and intricacies of implementation hidden from view, so a lot more things seem realistic. And guess what: this is the most common perspective founders, and stakeholders have.”
  • The end of organizing
    “I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but all of the time we’ve spent organizing our notes was probably wasted. Instead, in the immediate future, our notes will be organized for us by large language models (LLMs) like GPT-3.”

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How to create an affordable Figma portfolio website By Miklos Philips

Personalized experiences: When do they become behavior change? By Marco Bar Goria

Prototyping in Figma: work smarter, not harder
By Margarita Romanova

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