Senior designer salaries, AI tools for designers, design is poetry

Senior designer salaries, AI tools for designers, design is poetry

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“Poems are not just form; they always also have a function — as does design. They intend to convey a deeper truth. They want to evoke feelings that (hopefully) result in a certain experience — as does design. In this sense, poems serve as an interface between author and reader who engage in an asynchronous dialog (Adler & Van Doren, 2014) — as does design, just with users instead of readers.”

Beyond form and function: Design is poetry By Maximilian Speicher

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  • Sr. UX Interaction Designer @ Nestlé
    Our scope is to design simple and delightful experiences for the Nestlé workforce. Working alongside a talented group of designers, you will be given a wide range of responsibilities from shaping and designing digital experiences.

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This is what happens when you ask an AI to generate “Human Evolution.”

Little gems this week

New Brutalism and web accessibility: what you need to know By Ryan Houk

From finding to doing: increasing impact of design research By Jemma Frost

UX for evil: the truth about Trump’s truth app
By Ben Davies-Romano

Make me think

  • Tech futurism’s blind spot
    “Tech alone won’t solve the climate crisis. (And believing it can is a recipe for disaster.) But our tech elites simply have too much power to act as though this is entirely someone else’s problem to solve.”
  • Avoiding featurism
    “The major issue with getting sucked into a black-hole of “featurism” is there is no single person to blame. It probably seems easy to place all the responsibility on PMs or team leaders, but even if they are the ones adding excessive complexity to a given project, it is the role of developers and designers to speak up.”

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