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Rounded corners, hierarchical grids, assistive tech, UX vision statements

Rounded corners, hierarchical grids, assistive tech, UX vision statements

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Fabricio Teixeira
·Feb 14, 2022·

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Rounded corners — they’re everywhere. From software user interfaces to hardware product design, there is something intrinsically satisfying about the look and feel of a rounded corner. In fact, designers have been using them so much that they became an industry standard rather than a design trend. But why are rounded corners so popular?

Why do we round corners? By Gonçalo Dias

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Mathematician and wordplay fan Ali Lloyd share his thoughts on hit internet word game Wordle.

Make me think

  • Differences between correctness and usefulness in a design system
    “At some point it gets tricky to decide what should be in the Figma library vs. what should be in something that lives in Storybook. Do we put all our guides about how to use these components in Figma? Or what about the does and dont’s? What about props and component names — do we follow precisely what’s in Storybook even if it’s bad or something we’re embarrassed by?”
  • When is the revolution in architecture coming?
    “Something is terribly wrong with architecture. Nearly everything being built is boring, joyless, and/or ugly, even though there is no reason it has to be. The architectural profession rewards work that is pretentious and bland. The cities we build are not wondrous.”

Little gems this week

3 historical instances in which dataviz saved humanity By Mala Deep

Content-first: thinking about hierarchical grids By Kai Wong

Making design systems flexible with design tokens
By Marc Andrew

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