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“Beauty triggers curiosity differently. It draws us in the content not with a promise of knowledge but with a promise of visual satisfaction. We feel touched by the work before getting to the knowledge. Beauty makes it easier for us to look deeper, to wander around the content, to gather knowledge while already being satisfied.”

The power of beauty in communicating complex ideas By Louis Charron

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  • The linear method: opinionated software
    “Opinionated software is software that’s purpose-built for specific use cases. Unlike a general purpose tool to be adopted across many disciplines or workflows, it guides you toward a default process. We design it so that there’s one really good way of doing things.”
  • Is Canva getting good?
    “With the acquisition of Affinity, Canva has made a statement: We’re serious, you better watch out. For those of us who use Figma or Creative Cloud on a daily basis, this will be interesting.”
  • The collapse of design critique
    “You can’t be a hater if you’re not a lover, too. A lover who loves everything is insincere. A hater, on the other hand, is merely someone who is picky about what they love. Hating isn’t an action; it’s a state of mind.”

Little gems this week

The designer engagement report By Matej Latin

Beautiful, boring, and without soul By Steyn Viljoen

Are white road markings a design mistake?
By Rita Kind-Envy

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