Postit® designers, UX longtermism, skill maps, decolonizing type

Postit® designers, UX longtermism, skill maps, decolonizing type

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“You have seen me around your office. I look smart, usually wearing shiny white trainers combined with dark trousers rolled up a bit so that you can see my expensive socks — casual and expensive T-Shirt of one Pantone® colour and Oliver People’s glasses to look smart.”

I’m a PostIt® Note Designer By Jiri Mocicka

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Monotype type trends: a celebration of the unique typographic voices of our times.

Make me think

  • Stop making the Ukraine war about you
    “Social media isn’t necessarily the source of this tendency, but it has accelerated the impulse for people to be obsessed with their own subjectivity; unable to process global events outside of the prism of their own emotional reaction and the relatively minor ways they are affected.. You’re not suffering from ‘vicarious trauma’, you’re tweeting in your living room.”
  • How does perspective work in pictures?
    “There is no such thing as correct perspective; all choices of perspective have advantages and disadvantages. It is impossible to accurately portray everything about 3D space in a 2D picture, so artists must make choices, and linear perspective is just one option.”
  • The best design system is no system
    “The idea of design systems can be found throughout history. In order to meet expanding needs, designers turn to design systems to streamline design with the hopes of providing value at lower cost and effort.”

Little gems this week

Decolonizing typography: creating a font for African writing systems By Tapiwanashe Sebastian Garikayi

Analyzing Apple Music’s UX By Jake Dragash

Continuous Design and how to enable it
By Mikael Vesavuori

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