Next gen of designers, deceptive AI patterns, becoming a Senior Designer

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“And in that moment I realized I was a character. And I had the chance to write that interview story as it was happening. Many literary characters experience conflict, but the real drama of a story begins after that conflict. A well-written character has agency to shape their destiny. Staying angry is the boring way out. Being the protagonist of a behavioral interview story is way more exciting.”

You’re not stuck; you’re just in a story By Joe Bernstein — Fill your Figma designs with your own data [Sponsored] Populate your designs with real data. Import Google Sheets, Notion, Airtable, CSV, JSON and automatically fill cards, profiles pages and any repeatable UI elements with a single click. Plus, apply data to specific component properties to take your prototypes to the next level.

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Make me think

  • Super cute please like
    “Before long I was watching SHEIN hauls. There are millions of them on TikTok. In each haul, a woman rips open a plastic bag filled with smaller plastic bags filled with small plastic clothing. Sometimes the woman holds up each garment and narrates its merits, but often the clothes are disembodied, laid flat on a floor or a bed in an accidental stop-motion animation.”
  • Hidden vs. disabled In UX
    “Both hiding and disabling features can be utterly confusing to users. And for both, we need very, very good reasons. Let’s take a closer look at what we need to consider when it comes to hiding and disabling — and possible alternatives that help enhance the UX.”
  • Visual design rules you can safely follow every time
    “Pure black often has uncomfortably high contrast with other colours, and pure white is too bright. Use close-to-black and close-to-white instead. Any other references to “black” and “white” in these rules assume you’re following this rule.”

Little gems this week

What we can learn from the guy who regrets making pop-up ads By Beth J

Enhancing your design skills by adding more dots By Kelly Smith

Deceptive patterns in the era of AI writing assistants
By Chiara Santella

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