Model designers, form factor trap, the loss of process, challenging ChatGPT

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For the past year, with the growing proliferation of AI models accessible to everyone, designers have been busy imagining new products and revamping existing ones. We’ve been focused on how people can interact with these models to solve problems in fresh, innovative ways. It’s like a design gold rush, full of excitement and exploration.

However, there’s a crucial piece missing: we’re mostly focused on the interface (how people use the models) without digging into the core (the models themselves). This core holds a key piece to a truly user-friendly and responsible future.

The rise of the Model Designer By Paz Perez

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Make me think

  • Are design systems a zero-interest rate phenomenon?
    “There’s no particular “hair on fire” problem that design systems solve that instantly sells to management. This can be frustrating to design system practitioners because we understand the intrinsic benefits of consistent UI over one-off solutions and maintenance nightmares.”
  • Lie about your birthday
    “Your birth date, like your phone number, is personal information that scammers can use to steal your identity or target you for fraud. Is getting free stuff on your birthday worth taking that risk? For me, the answer is no. That’s why I lie about my birthday on the Internet.”
  • Contrasting aesthetics
    “What does the Renaissance mixed with analog technology look like? How does an orchestral French ballad with a hip-hop beat sound like? Can you have more than one style of logo?”

Little gems this week

Avoid designing for current users at the expense of future ones By Kai Wong

Being creative in an age of GenAI By Jasper Kense

Designing with prudence, courage, imagination, unity, and verifiability
By Darren Yeo

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