Metaverse UX, designing with data, immature orgs, how to ask for gender

Metaverse UX, designing with data, immature orgs, how to ask for gender

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“I’m sure that you or someone else you know have worked somewhere in the past where you felt that UX people were out of place. After all, UX is an emerging discipline and a lot of organizations want to hire people from our field because no organization wants to stay behind. While the intentions are good, not all of us are equipped to understand if these organizations who want to hire us are in a good spot to hire UX professionals.”

How to tell if an organization is ready for a true UX culture? By Yaron Cohen

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Why are letters shaped the way they are?

Make me think

  • What makes writing more readable?
    “Writing text that can be understood by as many people as possible seems like an obvious best practice. But from news media to legal guidance to academic research, the way we write often creates barriers to who can read it. Plain language — a style of writing that uses simplified sentences, everyday vocabulary, and clear structure — aims to remove those barriers.”
  • Where are our design heroes?
    “Today I speak with young designers and ask them who their heroes are. Who do they look up to? More often than not, the answer chips away a tiny piece of my soul. They point to a social media influencer. A design personality on Instagram, YouTube or TikTok. Someone who doesn’t actively pursue the craft of design, but is more likely famous for being famous. For creating viral and digestible feel-good content.”
    By Tobias van Schneider

Little gems this week

Designing a font for the Mwangwego script By Tapiwanashe Sebastian Garikayi

A few UI differences between Chinese and English apps By Megan Ng

Designing with data and building trusted recommendations
By Harrison Wheeler

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