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“Since when did a company need to hire 10 people to run a pattern library (and it is a pattern library) and where is the ‘design’ part? This feels like design management. Is this DesignOps? Do you need designers for this? And at what point are you allowed to make new design?”

Make product design great again By Mat Venn

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Choosing the perfect icons for your typeface

Make me think

  • Are we watching the internet die?
    “None of the people that spent hours of their lives lovingly contributing to Subreddits, or performing the vital-but-thankless role of moderation, will make a profit off of Reddit’s public listing, but Sam Altman will make hundreds of millions of dollars for his $50 million investment from 2014.”
  • Product design is lost
    “Designers can bring immense value to the production of digital products, but our current product design practices too often fail to deliver value to both users and the organizations we serve. Designers have been painted into a corner and the only way out of this dead end is for our practices to evolve.”
  • Notes on quality
    “The team is not precious about who owns what, or stepping on each other’s toes, but follows the threads of the work wherever it leads and insists on quality for every aspect of the project.”

Little gems this week

How do you accidentally run for President of Iceland? By Anna Andersen

How the meaning of color varies per culture By Bas Wallet

The power of story-making in Star Wars, Apple and AI
By Darren Yeo

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