Job application UX, the cult of productivity, Figma responsive mode

Job application UX, the cult of productivity, Figma responsive mode

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“Picking and pairing fonts really well is hard. It takes a lot of time too, especially if you don’t have experience with it. Can AI tools help you do this task better and quicker? Can it teach you how to do it well, if you’re less experienced?”

Is AI better at picking and pairing fonts than you? By Matej Latin

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Make me think

  • Please stop multitasking. I’m begging you.
    “The lie that we can get more work done by working on multiple things at once is so absurd, so incorrect, and so utterly destructive that I can’t believe it’s a near-universal practice.”
  • Are rebrands starting to look the same?
    “…But between the pressures of quick turnarounds and the allure of inspiration boards, how does one define originality in an age saturated with visual stimuli?”
  • The tyranny of the marginal user
    “Nearly all popular consumer software has been trending towards minimal user agency, infinitely scrolling feeds, and garbage content. Even that crown jewel of the Internet, Google Search itself, has decayed to the point of being unusable for complicated queries.”

Little gems this week

I counted 8 mistakes in this 15-word dialog design By Lodestar Design

How to build intentional UX in an era of persuasive tech By Emily Yorgey

Why are cute objects so seductive?
By Laura Sabau Tatar

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