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“There is a monotonous and somewhat vanilla verbosity associated with how LLMs write and talk. I don’t think it’s because AI doesn’t use the right words. I think it’s because AI can’t show an interest in talking to us. AI isn’t alive, or conscious, and so what interest it does show is just an artifact of language.”

What if LLMs were actually interesting to talk to? By Adrian Chan

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Design duels: who designed it better?

Make me think

  • Design is a process of getting stuck
    “Deep down I know this form of whiteboarding worship is not just a me-thing. I reckon the vast majority of design and product problems cannot be solved in a nicely typeset document or simply, calmly talking things out. You need to draw the mess.”
  • Apple’s AI problem is a UX problem, too
    “Apple being Apple, it will almost certainly be able to shape these external AI engines into a unique and consistent user experience. But how far can Apple leverage certain AI features without introducing UX fragmentation?”
  • The detail, the quality
    “We all aspire to higher quality, but we must be committed from the outset. We must reengage with all our design skills, not just focus on the post-it. While workshops and PowerPoint presentations abound, there’s limited capacity to materialize things with a minimum level of quality or final vision.”

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This is Futura, re-imagined in 5 ways By Faux Icing

What can designers learn from the most popular female health app? By Mary Borysova

Why it seems like the sky is falling for digital design
By Jan Takacs

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