Hollywood UI, lessons of design, love letter to Figma, the UX of ADHD

Hollywood UI, lessons of design, love letter to Figma, the UX of ADHD

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Science fiction films love to show off huge leaps in technology. The latest Avatar movie features autonomous, spider-like robots that can build a whole city within weeks. There are spaceships that can carry frozen passengers lightyears away from Earth. In James Cameron’s imagination, we can download our memories and then upload them into newly baked bodies.

All this wildly advanced tech is controlled through touch-activated, transparent, monochrome, and often blue holograms. Just like a thousand other futuristic interfaces in Hollywood.

Why all of Hollywood UI looks the same By Daley Wilhelm

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The UX Collective is celebrating its 15th anniversary as an independent design publication. Here’s a letter from our editors about what we’re not doing.

Lessons of Design By Fabricio Teixeira


  • Senior UX Product Designer @ Target (Remote)
    Target’s vendor experiences are key to the company’s success in helping all families discover the joy of everyday life. The vendor experience team is dedicated to creating and maintaining the internal systems that drive collaboration between internal and external partners, empowering them to source products and services that underpin the guest experience.

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Make me think

  • Less money and more fear: what’s going on with tech
    ”Currently, Netflix is focused on maximizing its revenue, which explains why there’s now an ad-funded version of a Netflix subscription. It also explains why Netflix is cracking down on password sharing: it desperately needs more free cash flow, says Charles Kane, a senior lecturer at MIT Sloan.”
  • What does it mean to be strategic?
    ”It all begins with intention. There’s something in our environment that we would like to change. Formulated in terms of motion, this intention emerges as a question of ‘Where do we intend to go?’”
  • Productive procrastination
    ”However, I will say this about me: I do a pretty good job of channeling my procrastination into adjacent creative tasks which, in the end, influence, shape, and improve the chunks of work I do complete. And that looks like productivity from the outside.”

Little gems this week

A love letter to Figma (and all my exes) By Nicole Gallardo

How I use Figma to craft better presentations By Patrick Morgan

To sketch or not to sketch?
By Darren Yeo

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