High-contrast UX, Midjourney for branding, regenerative design

High-contrast UX, Midjourney for branding, regenerative design

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“By now, it’s no secret that AI will considerably impact the future of branding and design — making us question how we can continue to provide irreplaceable value as designers.

Some creatives like Alif Ibrahim from It’s Nice That have suggested it be used to automate mundane and repetitive tasks like resizing, exporting, or mindless pixel pushing. Others like Evelio, the creative director at IDP Direct, see it as a way to build more curated mood boards and quickly communicate brand ideas to a client.

As a founder of a branding agency myself, I’ve begun a journey to discover how AI can improve upon what we create and how we create it.”

How I used Midjourney to design a brand identity By Matty Brownell

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Make me think

  • Why chatbots are not the future
    “Good tools make it clear how they should be used. And more importantly, how they should not be used. If we think about a good pair of gloves, it’s immediately obvious how we should use them.”
  • Why we change our mind
    “How do we know which food is best for us? We might start a low-carb diet. Then we switch to whole grains, or even go fully vegan — only to return to a low-carb diet yet again. We constantly change our minds.”
  • Craft at scale is a white whale
    “We’d say that’s obvious in other industries. Budweiser isn’t craft beer. IKEA isn’t heirloom-quality furniture. But we tend to treat software as immune to the typical relationship between quality and quantity. It’s software! It can infinitely replicate!”

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