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Genderless design, boxmoji UI trend, UX archetypes, ecommerce fails

Genderless design, boxmoji UI trend, UX archetypes, ecommerce fails

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Fabricio Teixeira
·Feb 21, 2022·

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Are we over-indexing on the process to compensate for lack of trust? It feels safer to trust the process than the designer. A lack of trust can occur between team members as well as between company leadership and their design team. And sometimes we focus too much on the process because we lack trust in our own judgment and skills.

Why following a framework doesn’t guarantee good results

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This beautifully designed tool lets you generate city maps algorithmically.

Make me think

  • Functions and the future of design systems
    “The most sophisticated design systems can provide instructions in multiple coding languages, with detailed documentation, with orderly, regular updates. But they’re still relatively static, needing a designer or engineer to interpret the documents and use them in the correct context. Today, when we put a design system to work, there’s no coupling; pushing one part doesn’t cause another to pull. There’s no interlocking or interconnection; no networks, feedback loops, or forces at play. And without those mechanisms, there’s no leverage, no simple machines multiplying force, no power in the output.”
  • Material You: Designing harmony into dynamic color
    “Material’s new color system is algorithmic. This means that all colors that Material provides are generated from a set of rules, rather than the manual process of hand-picking colors that designers are used to. Even so, designers on the Material team explore colors by hand and evaluate them by eye before turning the colors that we like into an algorithm. This way, we preserve the human touch and sometimes unexpected decisions that create the best visual results.”

Little gems this week

Boxmoji: the trending new aesthetic By Diego Salvatierra

Everything macOS has gotten right in the past 25 years By Joseph Mavericks

The Tinder Swindler on Netflix: learnings for a better dating UX
By Armantas Zvirgzdas

Design for the subconscious

Tools and resources

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