Gatekeeping in design, UX issues on Threads, Midjourney’s new feature

Gatekeeping in design, UX issues on Threads, Midjourney’s new feature

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“Nastily telling someone they’re doing it wrong, or ignoring them altogether, is to engage in a kind of pernicious hypocrisy. If you’ve ranked up to the point where gatekeeping is even a possibility, you certainly owe your ascent at least in some part to a few naive souls having been willing to take a chance on Younger You.”

No MoonPies for gatekeepers By Michael McWatters

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Make me think

  • Design for the web without Figma
    “Pick the right tool for the job, that’s the answer. And stop making bold statements which come with great consequences to younger designers foolish enough to listen to you.”
  • AI terminology cheat sheet
    “Artificial Intelligence (AI): Non-biological intelligence. Narrow intelligence: Ability to the complex and narrow set of goals, e.g., play chess or drive a car. General intelligence: Ability to accomplish virtually any goal, including learning.”
  • The optimization sinkhole
    “Instead of looking around my living space with gratitude for the soft comfort I’ve built for myself, inflected with my peculiar tastes and preferences, I see lack. And that dissatisfaction becomes a sort of lingering fog, dampening my experience of the world.”

Little gems this week

Designing friendships: how I use design methods to build connections By Tiina Golub

No one on your team will be there forever; help your team leave By Jon Aizlewood

How is propaganda designed, and why is it so effective?
By Elvis Hsiao

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