Form factor trap, purple gradients everywhere, how AI is failing users

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“One complaint has persistently followed me through the graphic design, UX, product, and consulting phases of my career. I heard it over and over, directed not just at me but at my functional and cross-functional colleagues:

The process is taking too long. When can we get the deliverable?”

Design without process, or the form factor trap By Pavel Samsonov

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Analyzing my text messages with my ex-boyfriend

Make me think

  • Can you be creative just by creating?
    “Nadia mentions that she feels that her designs are both well-functioning and well-received, but that she doesn’t sense innovation in them. I’d argue that well-functioning and well-received is exactly what the job requirement of a designer is.”
  • If you want to belong, find a third place
    “Third places can include more traditional settings like places of worship, community and recreation centers, parks, and social clubs, but also encompass bars, gyms, malls, makeshift clubhouses in neighborhoods, and even virtual settings like Nextdoor.”
  • Adam Curtis on the dangers of self-expression
    “We may look back at self-expression as the terrible deadening conformity of our time. It doesn’t mean it’s bad and it doesn’t mean it’s a fake thing. It’s gotten so that everyone does it — so what’s the point? Everyone expresses themselves every day.”

Little gems this week

How to design large 3D sculptures with AI By Robert A. Gonsalves

Purple gradients everywhere: the way we’re designing AI By Allen

Design fables: bird in hand principle
By Darren Yeo

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