For native speakers only, AI takeaways from SXSW, 12 Figma tips

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“Through the years, I’ve collected my top of vomit-inducing compliments. The #1 place forever belongs to a nice Australian designer who said:

Your English is impressive!

It sounds like he meant no harm. But it also makes you feel like you’re always seen as different — no matter how good you are at your job. I wish people could move on past my accent and actually look at my UX writing.”

This story is for native speakers only By Rita Kind-Envy

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The curious case of cursive

Make me think

  • Pursuits that can’t scale
    “The famous phrase “do things that don’t scale” has a silent clause: Do things that don’t scale in service of building things that do scale. (…) I have a theory that chasing things that scale makes you need therapy, and the therapy is pursuing things that can’t scale.”
  • Sometimes, a button just wants to look like a button
    “Modern design languages offer a lot of flexibility with their focus on fundamentals like typography, white space and simplistic icons. But sometimes, using an old school real world metaphor adds a lot of delight to an experience.”
  • How to build a newthing
    “The beginning is not with an idea but with the feeling towards an idea. Something you feel but do not know. It makes you anxious and gives you somersaults inside if you try to explain.”

Little gems this week

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