Dishonest fonts, sustainable design, how to be strategic, color with gen AI

Dishonest fonts, sustainable design, how to be strategic, color with gen AI

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“So you’ve just got your hands on the latest iPhone. It’s sleek, it’s shiny, and it’s engineered to perfection. But then — bam! — you slap a case on it. It’s like buying a sports car and then driving it only in a school zone. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? If your phone is designed to be this perfect blend of form and function, are we messing up the recipe by adding the extra ingredient of a case? Are we turning a gourmet meal into fast food?”

Opinion: why you’re not supposed to put a case on your smartphone By Elvis Hsiao

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Make me think

  • We’re all lurkers now
    “I couldn’t stop thinking about the thought process of turning to social media, emphasis on the social, and asking no one to talk to you. This idea — that we can safely expect to insulate ourselves from responses to our posts is indicative of how rapidly the social media environment has changed in the just three years.”
  • User stories aren’t the tale for discovery
    “A user story might encapsulate a single user’s immediate desire, but it often fails to reflect the collective needs and aspirations of the entire user base. Or the context and why behind the how. User needs aren’t really a single thing. They’re a complex patchwork.”
  • How to see beauty
    “Because there it was again, this familiar feeling that I have when I chance upon such moments of excessive beauty. I knew that this moment was special, yet I couldn’t really take it in, let alone enjoy it. Countless mundane thoughts and worries clouded my eyes.”

Little gems this week

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What UX designers can learn from Sri Lanka’s premier architect
By Nadeeka Athukorala

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