Designing for shareholders, UX research templates, choosing humanity

Designing for shareholders, UX research templates, choosing humanity

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“Time, and the times we are in, have both revealed that I failed to fully acknowledge who we are truly doing it all for. As tons of shocked, sad, and angry posts on LinkedIn about their layoffs suggest, many of my colleagues have also missed, denied, or ignored the bigger picture. It is a precarious time for many, but do not let the lessons being revealed go to waste.

We are designing for the wrong people.

The shareholder has always been the ultimate end user.

And shareholders are the boss’ boss’ boss.”

Are shareholders the real users? By T. Robert Roeth

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Make me think

  • Unpredictable black boxes are terrible interfaces
    “Generative AI black boxes are terrible interfaces because they do not provide users with a predictive conceptual model. It is unclear how the AI converts an input natural language prompt into the output result. Even the designers of the AI usually can’t explain how this conversion occurs in a way that would allow users to build a predictive conceptual model.”
  • How the internet has made us better readers
    “As a designer, it’s key to have some basic understanding of what’s happening on television, in the movies, in books, in music. There’s stuff that I might personally not like, but if there’s a phenomenon like Games of Thrones or Harry Potter or the Kardashians, I need to have some rudimentary understanding of what all this is about.”
  • You are not okay and tomorrow will come
    “Students come to my office with problems I can’t begin to unpack. No, I can’t tell you why you have dreams about murdering people. No, I can’t explain why your dad told you it’s your mom’s fault you slice your arms up like deli meat. No, I don’t know why the doctor screwed up your prescription and you are out of your meds or why your sister won’t drive to Boston to get you more.”

Little gems this week

The state of SaaS marketplace UX By Tom Kupka

The future of software UX: an early glimpse into AI’s impact By Haochen Zhang

How to kiss a cannibal, or the future is liminal
By Johan Liedgren

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