Designers as copycats, holistic design, Figma HTML converter

Designers as copycats, holistic design, Figma HTML converter

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“ll creative endeavors come with a learning curve. And similar to how it aids in our development as human beings, imitation has long been a critical learning tactic for designers looking to develop and mature their craft from understanding to execution.”

All designers start as copycats (and that’s ok) By Jon Robinson

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Make me think

  • The rise of ‘luxury surveillance’
    “The Everything Store is becoming an Everything Tracker, collecting and leveraging large amounts of personal data related to entertainment, fitness, health, and, it claims, security. It’s surveillance that millions of customers are opting in to.”
  • Semafor’s infuriating climate misinformation
    “Ben Smith’s news outlet promised to be “something new,” but it’s spreading tired fossil fuel industry propaganda just like the rest. Paltering is a form of lying that’s commonly used in greenwashing.”
  • No, you’re not entitled to your opinion
    “As soon as you walk into this room, it’s no longer true. You are not entitled to your opinion. You are only entitled to what you can argue for.”

Little gems this week

Taylor Swift’s new album design: an (over)analysis By Micheal Xing

What AI Art can tell us about the future of Design By Maxence Mauduit

Evolution of manuals: UX inspiration from history
By Olesia Vdovenko

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