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“In April, Supernova held a ‘State of Design Tokens 2024’ webinar panel with design system experts Donnie D’Amato, Jacob Miller, and Kathleen McMahon. Before long, the topic of ‘A Single Source of Truth’ for design tokens came up, and some people disagreed on what that meant. Opinions fell into one of three main assertions.”

A “single source of truth” — and other Design System lies By Kevin Muldoon

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What does a head of typography do?

Make me think

  • The polish paradox
    “Polish is a word that gets thrown out in conversations about craft, quality, and beauty. We talk about it at the end of the design process, before the work goes out the door: let’s polish this up. Let’s do a polish sprint. Could this use more polish?”
  • Design is not art, but do not forget the artist within you
    “That’s what, from my standpoint, we are losing in the world of design. That personality, that soul, that imprint of whoever creates it. The inflexibility in following the rules and breaking them, following defined standards, affects creativity and uniqueness.”
  • This web of ours, revisited
    “To view your masterpiece the way most users experienced it, and at the syrup-slow speed with which they experienced it, was to have an awakening or a nightmare — depending on your empathy quotient.”

Little gems this week

The rise of genAI-driven design patterns By Connor Joyce

Mitigating hate speech online using AI By Bohdan Levishchenko

The Airchat hype: what happened to Clubhouse?
By Sohail Rao

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