Defining process, life outside of Figma, giving better design presentations

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“Design thinking, double diamond, agile, scrum, lean UX, design sprint. Humans seek formulas. Formulas sell books, classes, and courses, and feed multi-million contracts where consultancies come in to fix teams that are misaligned and can’t get work done. Watch out for Trademarked Processes™ that claim to solve all your company’s problems. Instead, find what works for your team and your users.”

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Emoji history: the missing years

Make me think

  • The babelian tower of AI alignment
    “Despite the surface appearance of technological convergence, a deep ontological plurality — profoundly different beliefs about the nature of being — still informs the active values of variegated societies.”
  • The basics of legibility
    “Apple’s San Francisco falls into the same category as the Japanese sword: It might, from a technical standpoint, be a very well designed typeface, but it’s the wrong kind of typeface to begin with. Apple’s typeface lacks two things that any typeface (to a different extent) needs: Personality and purpose.”
  • What UI density means and how to design for it
    “In UI, UX, and product design, we make many decisions, consciously and subconsciously, in order to communicate information and ideas. But why do those particular choices convey the meaning that they do? Which ones are superlative or simply aesthetic, and which are actually doing the heavy lifting?”

Little gems this week

What no one tells you about personalization By Slava Polonski, PhD

What vTubers can teach us about design By Daley Wilhelm

What telephones can tell you about good design
By Kelly Smith

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