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You might have heard or said before: “I’m not really strong at craft, I’m more of a strategic designer.” Our industry tends to put craft and strategic thinking on opposite sides of a spectrum, sometimes in an attempt to diminish the value of craft. Be careful not to fall into that trap. One can be strategic and deliver work that is well-crafted, polished, and thoughtful — in fact, isn’t that what everyone should strive for?

On craft

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Framer components inspired by Dieter Rams’ design principles

Make me think

  • The rebalancing of design management
    “In the design profession, this swing made a ton of sense when it started. I’ve experienced first-hand the negative culture and work-quality impact a dictatorial, micromanaging Creative Director can have. And I’ve hired many designers who were trying to escape a toxic management culture.”
  • A dozen thoughts about AI
    “Am I bad at prompt engineering? Is that why I don’t “get it”? I can never quite craft the right query to match what I see in my imagination. Am I asking the wrong questions or getting the wrong answers? Am I creating too high of a standard? Weird I’d even consider putting the blame on myself.”
  • Why the Tokyo Metro plays bird whistles
    “Based on these guidelines, station ticket gates and above-ground entrances and exits of subways will emit “ pin-pon ” or similar non-audio sounds, while platform stairs will produce non-audio sounds resembling bird whistles.”

Little gems this week

Creating unsafe driver experiences By Rita Kind-Envy

Font finds: bold, elegant, and not just for memes By Faux Icing

The research “impact” problem
By Josh LaMar (He/Him)

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