Death to double diamond, UX/AI, senior designer salaries

Death to double diamond, UX/AI, senior designer salaries

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“Here are two extremes. There’s always the exact same predictable path to solving a problem. For example, I can tell you exactly what steps and in what order I’ll take those steps so I can solve a simple math problem. The same process has worked for many years and will work for hundreds more.


There’s never the same predictable path to solving a problem. In soccer, you cannot predict the plays that are going to score a goal because you don’t have control of the opposing team’s defense. To score a goal, you’re reacting and working through to the unpredictable situations and challenges in front of you.

What makes the path to solving a problem predictable or unpredictable? It has to do with how much control you have over influencing factors.”

Death to the double diamond By Eduardo Hernandez

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Make me think

  • Women are superstars on stage, but rarely get to write songs
    “In 2022, hit songs had 6 songwriters on average: 5 men and 1 woman. But the average conceals a remarkable fact about the 42 songs that cracked the Top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100. While half of the songs had a songwriting team of all men, only one had a songwriting team of all women.”
  • Some tactics for writing in public
    “I’ve often heard the advice ‘don’t read the comments’, but actually I’ve learned a huge amount from reading internet comments on my posts from strangers over the years, even if sometimes people are jerks. So I want to explain some tactics I use to try to make the comments on my posts more informative and useful to me and to try to minimize the number of annoying comments I get.”
  • Who has the credentials to deliver design feedback?
    “I once heard someone say that to create, you need an ego — the ego to believe that what you are making can somehow improve the world. Our ego can be a tool. It is empowering. It allows us to take risks and make something out of nothing. But sometimes, it can prevent us from achieving more.”

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