Death of UX, non-violent communication, visual design rules

Death of UX, non-violent communication, visual design rules

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“To survive, UX needs a different type of designers: passionate, informed, well–rounded. UX designers with decades of experience and current bootcamp students should strive to develop a broad mindset, go above and beyond, master and challenge the frameworks, learn and bend the rules. Beyond the realization that design is far more than your daily craft lies the key to salvation for the entire industry.”

The many deaths of UX design By Kristian Mikhel

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Wonders of StreetView: a modern take at world wonders

Make me think

  • Most of our users are on desktop
    “Sure, some sites are desktop only, but while mobile usage continues to grow and desktop continues to fall, it makes sense to at least dig deeper to make sure you know why you have more desktop usage.”
  • Four thousand weeks
    “A tribute to the book by Oliver Burkeman, an exploration of time management in the face of human finitude, and addressing the anxiety of ‘getting everything done.’”
  • Your stuff is actually worse now
    “All manner of things we wear, plus kitchen appliances, personal tech devices, and construction tools, are among the objects that have been stunted by a concerted effort to simultaneously expedite the rate of production while making it more difficult to easily repair what we already own, experts say.”

Little gems this week

Giambattista Bodoni and the invention of modern type By Jon Robinson

Breaking free from the fear of empty space in Design By Slava Polonski, PhD

Headless design systems in Figma
By Anna Rzepka

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