Complicated sticks, deceptive discounting, UX skills for AI

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“This is the trend of making what I call complicated sticks. Complicated sticks are complex tech products that are useful for everything and nothing in particular. Evident in these wispy ads that try to give a blanket impression of good vibes and positivity that’s more suited to fashion, fragrances, and marketing within flooded product categories, not supposedly innovative tech that helps us do things we couldn’t do before.”

Complicated sticks By Stephen Farrugia

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  • Generative AI is totally shameless. I want to be it
    “What I love, more than anything, is the quality that makes AI such a disaster: If it sees a space, it will fill it — with nonsense, with imagined fact, with links to fake websites. It possesses an absolute willingness to spout foolishness, balanced only by its carefree attitude toward plagiarism. AI is, very simply, a totally shameless technology.”
  • The more you polish, the less you see
    “Polish is something only the person who creates it will notice. It’s a paradox; polishing something makes it invisible. Which also means that pointing out examples of polish almost defeats the purpose.”
  • Tooling and feeling
    “Humans doing the hard jobs on minimum wage while the robots write poetry and paint is not the future I wanted.”

Little gems this week

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What Betty Croker can teach us about AI and UX
By Michael F. Buckley

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