ChatGPT guide, when to test and when to leap, GenAI color sequencing

ChatGPT guide, when to test and when to leap, GenAI color sequencing

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“Do you have enough experience to use it effectively without losing everyone’s trust?

That’s the view Jakob Nielsen, co-founder of the Nielsen Norman Group, has taken. He states that “AI Is Safest for Experienced UX Professionals” since you need enough experience to include a heavy dose of human judgment to incorporate AI into your Design workflow.

This is because UX fundamentally hinges on trust. Both the user and your team need to trust that your Design is based on best practices, evidence, and intuition instead of from an AI prompt. So the unfair question AI poses to Junior Designers is simple: can we still trust your work if we find out you use tools like ChatGPT and MidJourneyAI within your work process?”

How to use ChatGPT without risking everyone’s trust By Kai Wong

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Humane AI pin: the best interface is no interface

Make me think

  • Figma’s future is about far more than design — or getting acquired
    “For all the potential synergies, it’s still unclear what will happen to the emotional attachment Figma’s users have developed should its products fall under Adobe’s sprawling umbrella.”
  • Why so much is going wrong at the same time
    “One is the assertion — implicit in the notion of ‘polycrisis’ — that what’s happening today is essentially new. This idea particularly vexes critics on the political center or right, because it suggests that dominant economic and social structures need to radically change to accommodate our new reality.”
  • Breaking down a design
    “Yesterday I needed to help a team break down a design to get it ready for development. I enjoy this because it’s quite high leverage work, can open interesting debates, and although I find it challenging, I feel confident leading it. There are certain patterns that help it go smoothly.”

Little gems this week

When to test and when to leap: How I learned to trust my UX intuition By Slava Polonski, PhD

Why the Apple magic mouse is the worst and best mouse ever made By Elvis Hsiao

Information vs experience: how to build mature design systems
By @Gustavo Teodoro

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