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The term “Enshittification” has been around for some time, but its meaning and usage have changed as consumers’ relationships with online platforms have become more strained in recent years.

We are feeling the squeeze. Many economic factors have dramatically affected the acquisitive power of the average consumer. In Canada, the annual inflation rate in 2019 was 1.8%, and then three years later, we switched the numbers, reaching a peak of 8.1% in June 2022. Despite inflation showing a significant downward trend in recent months, the fear of a recession keeps the prices up, or so they say.

The downward spiral affecting our digital products By Luis Berumen Castro

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The menu trends that define dining right now

Make me think

  • Five future roles for designers
    “I believe that in the future, digital systems, not people, will do much of the craft of (screen-level) interaction design. To provide value, designers will need different skills and mental models (…) in a world where our object of focus isn’t stuff happening on screens.”
  • The quiet death of Ello’s big dreams
    “From its launch, Ello defined itself as an alternative to ad-driven social networks like Twitter and Facebook. You are not a product. (The ‘I Disagree’ button linked to Facebook’s privacy page)”
  • Knowledge management for the win
    “Most institutions, companies, and groups suffer from at least a partial lack of solid knowledge management. Fortunately, this is fixable by acknowledging the problem, understanding its sources, and addressing them in planned phases.”

Little gems this week

How schools and education could be more student-centric By Elvis Hsiao

Why the new AI Pin will be a usability nightmare By Jon Upshaw

We need to talk about AI and mental health
By Neel Dozome

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