A new double diamond, AI obsession, tokens for dataviz, UX workshop

A new double diamond, AI obsession, tokens for dataviz, UX workshop

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“Is the Double Diamond still fit for purpose? The answer: probably not. The ascendance of fast-paced digital design and the complexities of the challenges designers are currently addressing with services and systems have left the Double Diamond a bit short of breath.”

Double diamond v4.1: An operating manual for designers using AI By Darren Yeo

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Paragraphica is a context-to-image camera that uses location data and AI to visualize moments

Make me think

  • The real consequences of Silicon Valley’s AI obsession
    “Sam Bankman-Fried made effective altruism a punchline, but its philosophy of maximum do-gooding masks a thriving culture of predatory behavior.”
  • Slow design
    “In our fast-paced world today, we often forget the importance of patience and taking time to think things through. We want to remind people of the value of creativity and clever thinking, supporting a movement that embraces focus, skill, and understanding over fast production and short-lived trends.”
  • The ‘Sunken Place’ is real in UX design
    “At the heart of this saying is something that’s often overlooked when UX leaders advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion — the complex reality of historically minoritized leaders actively discriminating against their own communities.”

Little gems this week

Illustrating for accessibility: better experiences for colorblind users By Jahde Vaccani

Presentational colors: design tokens for data visualization By Lukas Oppermann

7 ways to create original work without making something entirely new
By Kim Witten, PhD

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